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Enjoy the best of Croatia and let us take care of the stressful parts.

We understand that every person has specific needs, and this is what we bear in mind while doing business. Rent A Local offers any type of support you might need in Croatia, no matter if you need to resolve your stay permit paperwork or find your pet a trusted local veterinarian. Our network of local assistants can do the impossible: help you find the best plavac (red wine sort) in the region or guide you through the bureaucratic journey of the Croatian administrative adventure park. Or both!
Our hourly rate for local assistance services is 50€ for private and 70€ for business clients.
Still don’t think Rent A Local provides services you need? Give us a shot - we offer a 15-minute free consultation session where we can get acquainted with your needs and requirements and see if we would be a good fit for you!

Most frequently we offer assistance in the following areas:


We can help you find a place suiting all your needs and requirements and assure that you’re not paying “the tourist price”, regardless of the length of your stay. From flat search to signing the contract, we’ll assist you through the process.


Consultations & Guidance - Croatian bureaucracy can be quite intimidating to navigate through as a newcomer, but nothing to worry there - it is known to cause headaches even to locals. We’re here to do our best at guiding you through all the things you need to get the job done. Turn what could have been a whirlwind of paperwork into a good anecdote.


In case you need a good specialist that speaks your language or you’ve found yourself confused over HZZO bills, we’re here to help.


Are you planning to open a business in Croatia? Focus on your business plan and let us handle the rest.

School Search

Only the best for your young ones: we can introduce you to local school options, find an international school that fits your needs best, check availability and help with the application process.


No matter if it’s tax forms or employment contracts you need assistance with, our team of professional lawyers and tax experts are here to help and provide you with legal assistance.

Event Organzation

Whether it’s a bachelorette party or a wedding, we understand you’re here to have fun and take your mind off of planning. Leave it to us, with local resources we can assure you’ll have an unforgettable event in Croatia.

Local’s Advice

Spending a short amount of time in Croatia and want to get the most of it? Locals can show you around the best places to see and give out the best recommendations!

In need of more than 1 service?


We can arrange a 10-by-10 payment method, where you can book and prepay for 10 working hours of local assistance with the discounted hourly rate being 31 EUR. If you’ll find that your case requires more than 10 working hours, you can easily renew your booking: be it another 10-hour booking or just a couple of hours.


Tailored packages are packages created based on your needs, and they require at least 10 working hours of local assistance. If you decide to go for a tailored package, we require you to send us a list of specific needs and requirements (the more details - the better) in order for us to navigate our work for you/your company as precisely as we can and offer you strategies that fit you best.

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As locals, we understand the difficulties navigating Croatian bureaucracy and daily life. With our collective experience in different fields, we decided to open Rent A Local and provide personalised and effective services to make your life and business easier in Croatia.



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You can find our offices in Zagreb (address: Šenoina 8) and Split (address: A. G. Matoša 56). Our network of local assistants is widespread all across the country - no matter where you are, we can provide local assistance!
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