We assist foreigners with all their needs while living in, moving to or doing business in Croatia.
Rent a Local offers consultation services which can save you days of research and give you specific information about bureaucratic issues regarding the residency permit for digital nomads and others, as well as healthcare, citizenship, buying property or opening up a business in Croatia.

Apart from consultation services, you can hire your local assistant to help you with any task you need on-field assistance with (e.g. accompany you to the MUP station, supervise construction work and provide follow-ups on the progress, or arrange a pick-up vehicle for you at the airport).
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How can locals assist you?


We can help you find a place suiting all your needs and requirements.


Turn what could have been a whirlwind of paperwork into a good anecdote.


You've found yourself counfused over HZZO bills? We're here to help.

School Search

We'll assist you in finding only the best for your young ones.


You need the most efficient and economic business plan for your new venture in Croatia? Let us handle that while you sit back and relax.


Be it tax forms or employment contracts, our bookkeepers and legal team are here to help.

Event Organzation

Party, wedding or bride night — we understand you’re here to have fun and take your mind off of planning.

Local’s Advice

Locals can show you around the best places to see and give out the most authentic recommendations!

Why choose Rent a local?


Everyone is talking 
about us

It was a pleasure to meet the Rent A Local team. Such a positive team of professional young people. It was a real pleasure to meet them and work with them. They are willing to help with anything you need! For sure our cooperation will continue in the future also! Well done all! 🙂

Sanja Ivanek
Job title

We needed assistance with stacks of legal documents/notarization/apostille.  Andejla, Maya and the team were invaluable in helping us navigate the system in Croatia.  We had a tight deadline and they helped us to meet that with ease, professionalism, and good humor.. Top marks: excellent service and beautiful people.

Job title

Used their services twice now and couldn't be more pleased! Super professional, reasonable prices and they explain everything in detail. I'm sure I'll use them again!

Geoff Bratton
Job title

If you got any legal issues or questions; need help with paperwork; want to know more about Croatia and it's culture — RAL will help you straight away. I've got a tremendous experience of obtaining Digital Nomad residence with the help of majestic Maja. Couldn't imagine more meticuolously crafted, careful and personal communication. Thanks a lot for your help — it really matters!

Aleksandr Yakunichev
Job title

I feel lucky to have stumbled upon an ad for this company when I first arrived in Croatia. They were very helpful when I needed translations while finding an apartment and putting together my application for residency. The services are professional, polite and affordable. Highly recommended.

Maritza Tynes
Job title

I was referred to the company by a friend of mine and I could not have been happier with their service!!!. Friendly, professional and super quick to respond to any task I asked help with.

I highly recommend this company and I will definitely be using them in the future!!.

Thanks again team

Joshua Wills
Job title

How it works

Step by step guide on how it works


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Contact us at info@rentalocal.eu and let us know what we can assist you with! You can expect our response within 1 working day.



Choose what works best for you! After you decide whether you want to use our services on an hourly rate, or you need the tailored package of services, we will sign a contract and immediately start working on your case.


Sit back

Sit back and follow our progress!
While we handle the stressful parts, you’ll have more time to enjoy Croatia.
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About us

Rent A Local is a team of local experts from various fields, all with extensive experience of working with foreigners. We’re a Croatian company created specifically with the needs of foreigners in mind — both tourists and permanent residents alike. Whether it’s a residency permit or a digital nomad “visa” you need, maybe a sunny apartment, or just an honest and affordable mechanic, Rent A Local has you covered.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom-made packages?

Custom-made packages are designed according to your needs, as we understand that every client has different needs. Custom-made packages include 10+ working hours to perform a service or number of services. For example, if you're looking for assistance in finding housing, we can put together a Housing package for you that would include: property search, contacting landlords, assistance with signing the rental agreement and assistance/translation when filing your official new address in a local police station.

How does payment work when I hire a local assistant?

Before your local assistant starts performing his/her work, you’re expected to sign a contract with Rent A Local that protects both side’s privacy. Once the contract is signed, you can choose between two online payment methods: a transfer via Revolut or Wise (this can be paid in euros or dollars), or a payment through foreign currency bank account (in local currency - Croatian kuna).

Where are Rent A Local services available?

Rent A Local services are available all over Croatia, no matter where you are: on the Adriatic coast, or in the continental part of Croatia. Local freelancers are located in major cities, as well as on islands and less populated areas. We will connect you with a local freelancer who seems to be the best fit according to your needs and requirements.

Do you offer transportation services (from the airport to my accomodation)?

We offer transportation to and from the airport, as well as any other type of transportation (if you’re moving from one flat to another or if you need a ride to National Park Plitvice - we got you covered). To book a ride, or for more information, send us an email to info@rentalocal.eu or give us a call +385 91 899 2458. We’re available on Viber and WhatsApp.

Are prices fixed or can I get a discount?

Our prices are fixed, but if you happen to be in need of several services, we will be able to put together a customized package for you. By booking a customized package of our services that require at least 10 hours of local assistance, you will be able to get a discount. If you’re booking just 1 hour of consultations you will not be able to get a discount.

Can you help me with submitting documents at a local police station?

Rent A Local assistants can help you submit or collect documents at a local police station (MUP). This way you don’t have to struggle with language barriers and our assistants are familiar with the procedures of stay permit application and other MUP-related issues.

More FAQs

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You can find our offices in Zagreb (address: Šenoina 8) and Split (address: A. G. Matoša 56). Our network of local assistants is widespread all across the country - no matter where you are, we can provide local assistance!


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You can find our offices in Zagreb (address: Šenoina 8) and Split (address: A. G. Matoša 56). Our network of local assistants is widespread all across the country - no matter where you are, we can provide local assistance!
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