The Best Museums to Visit in Split

May 31, 2024

Not only the city center of Split is interesting to see, there are also multiple museums that are definitely worth the visit. Split is home to a wide variety of museums, so there is bound to be something for each and every visitor. We will tell you some of the best museums to enrich your visit to Split.

Games of Thrones Museum

As you may know Croatia has been a prominent filming location for Games of Thrones. And some of these scenes were also filmed in Split. So for the real fans, not only these locations are worth the visit but also the games of Thrones museum. The museum gives an opportunity to see breathtaking images and artifacts. The museum is right in the city center, which makes it easy to visit. 

Jaman Art Museum

The second museum is something totally different. For modern art lovers this is a must visit. This museum is filled with innovative art pieces. The paintings are interesting with all their vivid colors and designs. It is also a great place to get unique smaller souvenirs, like phone cases or stickers. Because it is situated in the heart of the city, it is convenient to visit this museum while strolling around.

Diocletian’s Dream

This is Croatia’s first virtual reality experience that combines modern technology with ancient heritage. The aim is to show in a new and original way Diocletian’s story, the Roman emperor whose palace now makes the old town of Split. Diocletian’s slave Severin will take you on a tour of the royal chambers while presenting Diocletian’s life.

They are located just outside the palace, making it a great opportunity for people to learn more about the interesting buildings they are looking at. 

Mestrovic Gallery 

This former residence and studio of the Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović is a must-visit if you are interested in 20th-century work. The gallery houses a wide range of his sculptures, paintings, drawings, and religious works.

Not only are the sculptures interesting, the museum is also in a stunning location with wonderful views. It is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden which, with its bronze sculptures and the view of the sea and central Dalmatian islands makes a unique example of landscape architecture. From the city center, you can take bus 12 from the harbor to reach the museum. 

Archeological Museum

For people who are more interested in history and archeology, this museum is perfect. It showcases a diverse array of artifacts from the Neolithic age to the Middle Ages. For people who do not speak Croatian, there is an English explanation to be found at the reception. The museum is an easy 10-minute walk from the old town, which makes it a peaceful trip to get out of the tourist crowds. 


The last museum is certainly unique. The Froggyland Museum is an art gallery that features stuffed frogs in human scenarios, like playing sports & sitting in class. I remember the first time walking by and being stunned to think that there was a museum dedicated to frogs. It is impressive as well as hilarious. This might be a “you hate it or you love it” museum. 

The museum has more than 500 frogs in total, and was all put together by master taxidermist Ferenc Mere more than a century ago. The museum is also to be found in the city center. 

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