The best beaches to visit in Croatia

May 3, 2024

Croatia takes pride in its beautiful beaches, which can be found on both the mainland and the islands. The beaches cater to all tastes, with sandy and pebbled options available. Some beaches are ideal for families with children, while others are perfect for young people or those seeking a romantic getaway. However, all beaches in Croatia share one thing in common - impeccable cleanliness. A vacation in Croatia is sure to leave you with only positive impressions.

Vela Plaža

Surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests, this location offers more than just sunbathing and swimming. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views, organize family parties, and explore specially equipped hiking trails. There are also several historical sights nearby. Vela is located near the Baška resort on the island of Krk. The water here has a particularly light shade of sky blue, and the rocks are so polished by the waves that walking barefoot on them is a pleasant experience.

In the surrounding area, you will also see rocks and yachts, and you can always organize a boat trip. The beach itself is quite long, stretching over 1.8 km, and has been awarded the "Blue Flag". The forest comes so close to the shore that you can take shelter in the shade of not only an umbrella but also trees and enjoy fresh air. Divers also love this place, as it offers not only a rich underwater world but also the opportunity to explore flooded caves.

Zlatni Rat

This is the name of the sandy spit located on the outskirts of the island of Brac. The entire coastline is very beautiful, with a Mediterranean landscape. The sea water has a rich and pleasant color, which can vary from turquoise to dark blue, and the air is full of the scent of pine needles. This beach, covering an area of about 20,000 m2, is the most frequently represented on postcards. However, it should be noted that the type of landscape may change slightly depending on the currents and wind.

One of the peculiarities of this place is the presence of tangible underwater currents, which can be dangerous to careless swimmers. However, surfers love to vacation here, as the winds blow constantly and the waves are quite strong. Yachtsmen are also quite common here, as there are always opportunities to ride a yacht. For those with children, there are areas with calm, shallow waters, and a coastline covered with sand and white pebbles, which are perfect for spending holidays with family.

Lopar Beach

Located in the northeastern part of the popular tourist island of Rab, this beach boasts a unique variety of sea colors, ranging from soft blue to emerald and dark blue. The coast is covered with sand and pebbles in beautiful shades, reminiscent of pearls. The crescent-shaped Paradise beach stretches for about 1.5 km, and the sand is very light and soft, making it a pleasure to walk on. Even during the high season, there is ample space to sit comfortably.

Visitors can avail of umbrellas and deck chairs, although many prefer to lie directly on the sand with a towel. In the summer, the beach is frequented by parents and children, making it the perfect place for kids to make friends. Adults can also find plenty of activities besides leisurely beach vacations, including tennis courts, soccer and handball fields, and many cafes and bars in the vicinity. If you stay until the evening, you can enjoy the view of the night sea while dancing at the local disco.

Punta Rata

Located in the southwest, in the neighborhood of Brela resort, this beach is considered one of the best in the country. It stretches about 6 km long and features fine pebbles that are pleasant for the feet. Pine and juniper forests, as well as myrtle thickets, approach the shore, creating a wonderful atmosphere with fresh and clean air. Additionally, there are plenty of areas to hide in the shade. The sea near the shore is shallow and the entrance is gentle, but diving lovers will also appreciate the large rocks under the water.

The sea water here is very clear with a blue and emerald tint. The majestic rock Brela adds to the beauty of the beach. Vacationers can enjoy all the necessary amenities, such as deck chairs, umbrellas, cafes, playgrounds, and water attractions. Sports equipment can also be rented. During the peak season, the beach is usually crowded, so the most comfortable time to visit is in the first month of fall. It is recommended to rent a car and come here to sunbathe and swim. There is a paid parking lot available.

Vela Pržina

Located on the island of Korcula, this beach is a popular destination among tourists. The only downside is that it gets crowded, especially during peak season. It's a favorite among young people, who often come in groups, as well as families with children. The beach boasts pure, light sand, which is a rarity in Croatia and perfect for kids to play in without special shoes. The sea is warm and shallow, making it ideal for small children and non-swimmers. There are sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent, but many people prefer to sunbathe on the silky sand. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the volleyball courts, while those looking for refreshments can easily find drinks, snacks, and ice cream nearby. Boat trips on yachts are also a popular activity.

Nugal Beach

Nugal is a secluded pebble beach located in a rocky bay with clear water and a rich underwater world. The area is surrounded by coniferous forests, making it easy to breathe. The beach is clean and free from garbage. The bay protects vacationers from the wind, and the waves are usually small. The surroundings are picturesque with trails for traveling. There are no discos or nightclubs, but there is free parking. It's a great place for families or anyone who values peace and quiet.


Located on the island of Vis, in the bay of the same name, this place looks like it came straight out of a postcard. The water is crystal clear, so much so that it seems like the boats are floating in the air. It's possible that the famous Stiniv beach was filmed here. In any case, this beach is recognized as one of the best in Europe. To truly appreciate its beauty, it's best to visit at times when there are fewer tourists, such as in September or early morning during the summer.

The bay is small, surrounded by a circle of rocks. The water is always calm, warm, and clean, making it a popular spot for scuba diving enthusiasts. However, it's important to be cautious of sea urchins, as they can prick your feet. It's best to bring special shoes. The infrastructure here is modest, but there is a store where you can purchase drinks and ice cream. In addition, the old fishermen's houses located in the area are worth a visit.

Bijeca Plaža

This beautiful beach belongs to the Medulin resort in the southern part of Istria, where you can often find fellow citizens. The beach stretches for about a kilometer and boasts crystal clear waters with shallow depths in the coastal zone. Tourists of all ages and interests come here to relax - families with children, young couples, and those who love active entertainment.

This area has more sunny days than any other place in Croatia. You can always rent sunbeds and umbrellas, and there are toilets and showers available for your convenience. There is also a medical center and lifeguards on duty.

At your service, you'll find a diving center, beach sports, and jet ski rentals. You can also rent bicycles to explore the beautiful surroundings. Children can enjoy a small water park and various activities, including inflatable islands and trampolines. There are also plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

Many visitors will find pleasure in massage sessions, and there are also snacks available on the beach, including baked goods, drinks, fruit, and ice cream.

Veli Žal Beach

There is a beautiful beach on the northern part of the picturesque island of Pag. It's over 300 meters long and is a popular spot for tourists who are staying in the village of Zubrovichi. The beach is clean and well-maintained, and you can either relax on the sand with other vacationers or move away to the rocks and enjoy some solitude. Young people usually hang out at the pier. However, there is no natural shade here, and the place is very sunny, so if you want to protect your skin, it's recommended that you rent an umbrella.

The bay's blue water offers a beautiful view, and the island's outlines are especially spectacular during sunset. The infrastructure is well-developed, with toilets, showers, a playground, and a parking lot for cars. Tourists love to engage in activities like kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. After an active vacation, you might work up an appetite, but you need not worry because there are cafes and pizzerias where you can grab a snack.


Located on the Pelješac peninsula, there is a beach that stretches for about 400 meters. It consists of a relatively narrow strip of fine pebbles and sand. Coniferous trees line the shore and provide shade from the heat. The water is shallow and extensive, making it perfect for children and adults who can't swim to splash around in. Facilities such as changing cabins, showers, toilets, and Wi-Fi are available for visitors' convenience.

For those who prefer an active vacation, there are catamarans, boats, and scooters available for rent. The locals offer banana rides and water skiing, and there is even a small floating water park for children. On the beach, there are cafes and bars where visitors can grab a snack. The parking lot is available for those who arrive by car.

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