Meet 757 Natural Cosmetics: The Croatian company that produces natural cosmetics inspired by the beauty of Croatia.

March 31, 2023

757 Natural Cosmetics is a Croatian company that produces high quality natural cosmetics. The company's main inspiration is the natural beauty of Croatia, such as islands, rivers, mountains, lakes, national parks, and natural parks. The idea of representing Croatia's natural beauties led to the name 757, which represents Croatia which has 602 islands and islets, 78 mountains, 34 rivers, 24 natural lakes and 19 national and natural parks.

The company works with high quality natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, hazelnut oil, almond oil and bakuchiol, which is a mild natural alternative to retinol. The company produces a variety of products including soaps, moisturizing creams, body oils, scrubs and much more. All products are made with natural ingredients and follow a creative and sustainable approach.

One of the main characteristics of the company is the creative approach towards its products, with each product representing different natural beauties of Croatia, or as they call them - fragments of Croatia. The products describe places through its name, the story about it and hand-drawn illustrations, where they use humour, puns and legends or interesting facts about the natural beauty the product represents. The product names are well-crafted, with play on words, such as Kraljevac island - The King Alminty instead of Almighty because of the mint smell, Brusnik island - The Bruce Tea because of the tea tree and activated charcoal that Fight against impurities or Galesnjak island – The Sea Heart because it represents an island that has natural heart-shaped form.

History is another specialty of the company, as it gives customers the dimension of knowing different natural and beautiful places in Croatia. This is something that attracts people first, and then they get to know the company's quality products and natural ingredients. Antonija is responsible for thinking about the name of the product, the story and the idea for the illustration. She researches the natural beauties of the category in which the product is inserted and collects information until things fall into place by themselves in a "natural" way. The stories represent some landmark or natural feature or legend about the fragment that the product represents.

The company now collaborates with Rent a Local in Split, both in Croatia. This collaboration can bring benefits to both companies. Rent a Local can promote 757 Natural Cosmetics to its customers and promote another great Croatian initiative, while 757 Natural Cosmetics can provide discounts on its products for Rent a Local customers to use.

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