September 16, 2022

Croatia and Macedonia have a long history of friendship and support. This kind of relation is important for the politics in Europe and the Balkans. Last Friday in Tetovo, R. Macedonia the Macedonian- Croatian society organized an event in the city of Tetovo, to mark the 20th anniversary of Macedonian- Croatian society- MHD Tetovo.

Photo: MHD (Makedonsko Hrvatsko Društvo) FB Page

Among the guests and the members of the MHD, there were two special guests who attended the event, the former member of the EU Parliament, and like she said, “a friend of Macedonia” Mrs Marijana Petir, and the current ambassador in Skopje, Mrs Nives Tiganj.

Mrs. Marijana Petir
Photo: MHD (Makedonsko Hrvatsko Društvo) FB Page

The event stared with the presenter telling the story of the Macedonian- Croatian society and their beginnings. The two guests Mrs Petir and Mrs Tiganj and the President of HMD, Mr Romac, gave speeches about the cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

Photo: MHD (Makedonsko Hrvatsko Društvo) FB Page

Besides the amazing speeches, they organized 3 music performances, the first one was by the Tetovo based band “nameless” that performed a mix of modern and traditional Macedonian music, and the 2 remaining performances were traditional Croatian Women Choir (known as “Klapa”) called “Figurin”  that performed Dalmatian songs, and “KUD Stjepan Radic” from Dubrovnik, who were performing Dubrovnik traditional Dances and in the end the famous song “La musica di Notte”, that was also signed by the crowd.

Photo: MHD (Makedonsko Hrvatsko Društvo) FB Page

I’m glad that I had the chance to see the performances and be part of the event. I think it’s important that our counties work together and give support to each other. Best wishes for their 20th anniversary, and a lot of success in the upcoming events. 

Maria Tofilovski

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