April 1, 2022
Photos: Alejandra Gotoo

Hubby and I have been in the Digital Nomad Valley for a while, we have met some amazing people but the thing is that they come and go. When we arrived there were so many people here, so many events, so many activities to do. Every week we had dinners, tours, hikes, sea swims, etc. I was pretty used to that type of vibe. Then, loads of people left, and when newcomers arrived I did not feel the same. I had a couple of weeks when I really did not understand how the Camp had gone down, at least in my opinion, from a lot of things to do, there was only our community manager trying to herd people.

I did not enjoy the feeling so I made up my mind to reflect on it. I couldn’t figure it out, so I kept thinking in my free time. The answer came to me, I had been part of the community when it was already formed, and now that the people had left it was upon us to make the newcomer feel welcome as I felt.

The question now was how to do this. I remember getting amazing food with the community, so I put my mind on preparing taco lunch, I mean to take advantage of my Mexicaness. The idea came when I saw Gillie, our community manager, really tired. She had been doing so much lately and I did not like seeing her less vibrant than usual. I suggested the idea in Discord, and got no answer. I decided to go on with the lunch, at least it was going to be hubby, Gillie, and I. Then I dragged another two nomads, both awesome in their own way. So, I had three, I invited Croatian friends I have met on hikes, dinners, and boat trips. Three of them RSVP, so the lunch was eight people in less than 24 hours. Not bad.

Taco lunch took place last Thursday at 12:30, the idea was to finish at 14:30. But we kept talking and enjoying the amazing weather that day until 21. We ate a lot, the menu was barbacoa style beef, guacamole, pico de gallo, frijoles, frijoles refritos, corn and salsas. I bought the salsas from the supermarket so they were not really spicy, but they were good. I got these ingredients from Konzum near Decathlon. The mood was all you wish to eat, and feel free to prepare your own tacos. I taught how to make the first couple of them and then people started doing their own combinations. We had corn tortillas and flour ones, I wanted everyone to have something they liked. We also were joined by some vegetarians and I had something prepared for them too!

More than eight people came, I think we were about 16, not sure though. I was really busy trying to be a good host. I couldn’t eat until everyone had something. I am the youngest child so my brother and sibling take care of everything and I am always the guest. So this was quite a challenge for me. I am happy with how it went. Newcomers to the Camps, Croatian friends, and the small community got together and seized the moment. I think that it is always good to have food in the mix. Eating is a social moment and as an anthropologist, I can assure you it is a way to strengthen bonds. If you want someone to be happy, feed that someone! (That someone can be yourself at times).

The taco lunch was a total success, social life at Camp is better and I am really happy. But still, I think there are some things to do better next season. For example, one key area is communication. There have been some issues that could have been avoided by better communication. Sometimes a text or email can do wonders. Anyhow, I like the place, the community is great and the location is awesome. It is the first Digital Nomad Valley in Croatia and as such, it has been facing challenges, but it is doing great and could do even better with some small adjustments. When it reopens I definitely recommend visiting! You will find an amazing location and a warm community!

Meet our blog associate Alejandra Gotóo (1991), who studied English Literature and recently graduated with a Masters of Social Anthropology. Her dissertation on COVID-19 and its effects on the mind and body of Mexican physicians will be published soon. She usually writes in Spanish and has been published in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Her topics of interest include nature, adventure, language, books, food, culture, animals, conservation, and women's rights.

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