How to travel on a budget in Croatia

June 21, 2024

Croatia has attracted lots of tourism in the last couple of years as more travellers discover the beautiful country. This together with Croatia changing its currency to the Euro has raised the prices that once been very low. However, Croatia still offers many affordable options if you know what you're doing. We will show you some tips on traveling on a budget in Croatia.


Even though the old towns of Croatian cities are beautiful and a must-see if you are a visitor. It might not be best for your accommodation. Croatian tourists are an important aspect of the country's economy, which is to be seen in city centers and the prices. If you take an accommodation slightly outside of the center, it will already be much cheaper. Just a 20-minute walk outside the center can make a big difference.


To get around the country, the bus might be the best and cheapest option. City bus tickets are normally around a euro and are comfortable and easy to take. Besides the city buses, there are also lots of long-distance buses that will take you to a new city in a few hours for an affordable price.

Cash over card

Cash is still very popular in Croatia, especially in smaller towns or islands. And even though they are accustomed to card payment, especially by tourists, it can be better to pay in cash. There are multiple bars for example, that set a minimum for paying with a card. And also in restaurants, they can offer a discount if you pay with cash instead of card. This is why it is always a good idea to have a bit of cash with you. However, do look out for the different ATMs and fees they may have.

Ferries over island tours

You will see in the harbors that there are a lot of different island tours offered. This is a great way to see all the beautiful islands Croatia has to offer, but not the most affordable way. Instead taking the ferry is a better idea. Different ferries will go multiple times a day and are about 7 euros. Which makes it a great way to see more of the country on a budget. Especially the car ferries, which are even cheaper than the passenger-only ferries.

Bakeries for lunch and snacks

Especially when you are visiting a touristic city, it might be hard to find a budget-friendly lunch place within reach. Luckily there are lots of good bakeries in the cities that will offer you a more affordable meal. The burek is a popular pastry in Croatia that you will almost see everywhere. They can be filled with cheese, spinach, or meat and will keep you filled for a while. Bakeries for lunch and snacks

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