Crossing Continents: A Mexican's Story of Embracing a New Life in Split, Croatia

March 24, 2023

Meet Daniel Parras , a Mexican who moved to Croatia and now lives in Split, a stunning city that is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination. Daniel's story is quite interesting, and it sheds light on the unique experiences that one can encounter when living in a foreign country. In this article, we will explore Daniel's journey, including his initial motivation for moving to Croatia, his adaptation to the culture, his favorite things about Split, and his challenges and learnings.

The first question that comes to mind is, what led Daniel to move from Mexico to Croatia? Technically, it was a job offer that led him to Croatia. He met the owner of the restaurant he now works for while working as a waiter in a Peruvian restaurant in Mexico. At the end of the owner's dinner, he simply invited Daniel to come to Croatia and join his team, and Daniel immediately accepted. However, his personal motivation was to fulfill his curiosity and challenge himself by living in another country and that was the driving force behind his decision to leave his country.

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to adapting to the local culture. But for Daniel, it was relatively easy. He shared a house with a Croatian guy who introduced him to the Croatian culture. Furthermore, his colleagues at work were mostly Croatians, and they were all friendly, with each one of them eager to share their culture with him.

Daniel has learned a lot from the Croatians, who he describes as "teachers of life." He admires their relaxed and laid-back way of life in Croatia, particularly in Dalmatia, which he finds healthy and wise. Unlike the fast-paced lifestyle in Mexico, the Croatians take things calmly and enjoy the little things that matter. Additionally, Daniel appreciates the high level of safety in Croatia, which is quite different from the insecurity and violence he experienced in his home country. Overall, Daniel has found a peaceful and stress-free life in Croatia, thanks to the wise and healthy way of life he has learned from the Croatians.

Split, according to Daniel, is a place apart from the rest of the world due to its unique geography, nestled between the sea and the mountains, which gives it a timeless quality. He loves the nature, beaches, weather, gastronomy, local liquor "Rakjia," wines, café bars, bohemian summer nights in the port, the old streets, the Marjan park, and the 1700-year-old Roman palace built by Emperor Diocletian, which sits in the city center. Daniel highly recommends tourists to visit Diocletian's Palace, the Marjan Park, local restaurants, the beaches, the Temple of Jupiter, any island in Croatia, the old city of Salona, eating a burek in any bakery, and walking across the Riva, as these are all unique experiences that you can only encounter in Split.

For tourists planning to visit Split, Daniel recommends getting lost in the streets of Diocletian's Palace, visiting the Marjan Park, trying out the local restaurants, exploring the beaches, and walking across the Riva. These are all great experiences that you cannot afford to miss.

As for the Mexican community in Split, it is quite small, with only Daniel and his friend Alejandra living there. However, there are a few restaurants that offer Mexican food, which is a great way to experience a taste of Mexico in Split.

Moving to a new country comes with its own set of challenges, but for Daniel, the biggest challenge was the language. Croatian is a difficult language to learn, but he enjoys learning new Croatian words every day. Leaving everything he knew behind and accepting the challenge of living in a completely new environment was also quite challenging. However, he has learned many things from this experience, including the importance of being open-minded, having the courage to take on new challenges, and embracing different cultures.

In conclusion, Daniel's journey from Mexico to Croatia is a testament to the power of adventure and curiosity. His story is an inspiration to others who may be seeking new experiences and a chance to discover the world in all its beauty and diversity. Come to Split and see for yourself what makes this city so special!

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