A guide to Split's nightlife

June 28, 2024

Although most of our blogs are about Croatia’s beautiful nature or buildings to visit during the day, Split is also quite famous for its nighttime attracting many tourists every spring and summer. Split nightlife is mostly popular with young people and backpackers, however it has something interesting for every age. In this blog, we will tell you where to be to have a good time after dark in Split.

Pub Crawl

A pub crawl is mostly popular with younger people, backpackers, and tourists. This is a good way to have drinks on a budget and also meet other travelers. There are multiple pub crawls in Split and is about 20 euros per person.

Bačvice Open Air Cinema

For those who are looking to spend their evening in a low-key way and are not much of a fan of partying. Bacvice open air is a good alternative. They host outdoor movie nights during the summer months, showing a variety of interesting movies. The program of the cinema mostly consists of independent productions, with a strong European note, and to a lesser degree commercial movies.

Charlie's Bar

Charlie’s Bar is small but popular in the old town of Split. Mostly under backpackers, this is a well-known place. The bar offers drinks for affordable prices and has a good vibe. The crowd is young, the staff is friendly and it is a good place to meet fellow travellers.

Split Boat Party

This activity during the day still deserves a place on the list. It is a unique and fun way to party during the summer. Even though the boat parties have not been there for long, they are very popular in Split. The tours usually start in the afternoon at a bar to meet the other people and have a drink. After that, you will go to the boat and dance, surrounded by the crystal clear water. Many tours make a stop at the Blue Lagoon for everyone to swim too.

Central The Club

This club is located just outside the old town walls and is one of the biggest and most popular clubs in Split. It has not been around for a lot of years yet and used to be a cinema, however, its popularity has risen very fast. The club alternates between different music styles. Mostly they play electronic dance music but they also have thematic nights throughout the week.

Carpe Diem Beach

This party is outside of Split, however still worth mentioning. This club is famous for parties with well-known DJs. You can take the boat that they are offering, making it a quick ride to the island. However, the prices are definitely on the higher side compared to other clubs in Split.

Bars on Riva and in the old town

Except for the options mentioned above, there are a lot of good bars on Riva and around the old town. Where you can drink for distinctive prices based on the kind of bar you will go to. Here you can just have a quick drink or make the night as long as you want to. An example is a cocktail bar named Palaca Judita Heritage Bar which has a romantic vibe.

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