November 17, 2022

Time has arrived! Rijeka Run (Home Si Tec) is one of the most important Sports and Recreational Festivals in Croatia. Thousands of people, Croatian and foreigners, participate every year. It takes place in Rijeka and it is usually organized during the Autumn months. This Autumn, Rijeka Run Marathon will take place on Sunday November 20th. Rijeka marathon is a race mainly addressed to professional and recreational athletes and what is so special about this running festival is that it hosts the Rijeka half marathon, the Hendi Cap and the Ciciban Cup.

Source : Relay RijekaRun™

If you are interested in participating in the half marathon race, all you need to do is find two other friends and take part as a team. The half marathon race is 21 km long and each person on the team runs 7km. The total time limit for the race is about 2 and a half hours. Participants who will take more than the time limit, make an exit from the marathon. The participants who will make it till the finish line in the least amount of time are going to win prizes! All the way in the marathon route there are changing tents with all the necessary stuff, like refreshments, water bottles, ambulances and wc.

In 2023 more marathon races are coming. Thus,if you love running as a form of exercise, make sure you make your registration soo, so you don’t miss it. Next one will be the Split Marathon Relay which will take place in Split on February 26th.

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