July 29, 2022

There are many reasons that make Turkish coffee special, which is consumed all over the world, especially in the Balkans. Before I came to Croatia, I did not know that Turkish coffee consumption was so common in a country other than Turkey. Turkish coffee is sold in packages of all sizes in every market in Croatia. Even in Turkey, I can say that it is not commonly sold in large packages like in Croatia. Turkish coffee is not just a coffee, it has many stories. As I have seen in Croatia, people drink it because they like the taste, not taking into account the rich history behind it. In this blog I will briefly tell you the history of the coffee.

Photo: Sevcan İncesu

Short History Brief

For Turks, breakfast (kahvaltı) means "a light meal eaten before drinking coffee in the morning". Although we don't see breakfast as a meal eaten before drinking coffee, it has lost its meaning today, but coffee had a very important place in the Ottoman Empire. That's why they even considered breakfast as preparation for coffee. The breakfast you will see in Turkey now will definitely not feel like a light meal to prepare for coffee. The Ottoman Empire integrated coffee into daily life and became one of the first in the world.

While it was a coffee that was first drunk in the palace and its surroundings, it gradually spread to the public and was liked by the people. Afterwards, coffeehouses had started to open all over Istanbul. In a short time, it started to enter to everyone's homes and became a beverage offered to guests on special occasions. Travelers, traders and bureaucrats from abroad have also tried Turkish coffee, the most famous local flavor, and they have been amazed and started to praise it in their own countries. After all these, Turkish coffee spread all over the world. Every year, December 5th is celebrated as “Turkish Coffee Day” in Washington, the capital of the USA, with the aim of “bringing coffee-loving societies closer together”.

Stories Behind Turkish Coffee

We say "A cup of Turkish coffee, remembered for 40 years." because Turkish coffee is so important in Turkish culture. It brings people together and strengthens friendships. We also say "eat sweet, talk sweet" so we put turkish delight on the coffee plate. In Turkey, conversations are made with Turkish coffee. Many gossip, deep conversations about life is always with Turkish coffee. Especially if you are sitting at home with your neighbors, the host makes coffee before the conversation starts, and if you are sitting somewhere with your friends, if you want to have a deep conversation, Turkish coffee is ordered.

Did you know that fortune-telling comes from Turkish coffee or what fortune-telling is? Unlike other coffees, Turkish coffee is served with grounds and is drunk that way. The grounds sink to the bottom and when you turn the coffee cup upside down on its plate and wait, shapes are formed from the coffee grounds. Fortune tellers can tell you about the future or what you've been through with these shapes, You can also do this yourself for fun with your friends.

How to make and serve Turkish coffee like Turkish people?

First, buy your Turkish coffee from the nearest market. If you don't have a cezve, don't worry, a small coffee pot will also work. Put many cups of water by measuring it in cups according to how many cups you will drink. One of the things I see done wrong a lot after is to boil the water first and then add the coffee seeds. You should boil the coffee with water so that the coffee can integrate with the water and get foam. Put a little less than 1 spoon of coffee per cup (you can adjust it according to the coffee cup you use) and mix until the coffee does not clump. As it boils, a thick layer of foam will form on it. We transfer the foam to the cups with the help of a spoon or by emptying it a little from the coffee pot. At this part, you can add sugar according to you, adding sugar also makes it easier to read fortunes. After getting the foam, we let it bubble for 2 more times and then pour all the coffee into our glasses. Don't forget to add Turkish delight or chocolate and water for serving! That's all!

A different method of making Turkish coffee is the method of making in the sand you see in the picture above, but you can only find it in coffee shops, unfortunately it is not possible to make it at home.

Enjoy your Turkish coffee and conversation!

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